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Gift France makes a commitment to respect the private life of them customers. We want that your particulars live in safety. This politics of private life gets the subject of the collection of on-line data as well as the politicsof use and the practices which concern the site. By buying at Gift France, to subscribe to you in the principles and in the practices described in this politics. Our sites contain links managed towards other web sites on which we have no control. Gift France is not responsible for the politics or the practices of confidentiality of the other web sites towards which you choose to go when you visit the web site of Gift France. For a question of security, you should consult the politics on the life deprived of these other web sites to include how they collect, use and distribute your particulars. This politics on the private life applies only to the particulars which we collect in the web site of Gift France. Collection and use of the personal information to make your purchases in the web site of Gift France, we could ask you to supply certain personal information, including your name, send, sends e-mail, number of credit card, phone number, your zip code and the other information which can identify you. Furthermore, Gift France can gather of the information about you indirectly when you use some of the services of the co-workers of our web site. This information can be used in the purpose to devalue your potential interest for the complementary services offered by our co-workers. We also collect or can gather combine certain information about your use of our site, such as the sections which you visit. Furthermore, of the information about your computer hardware and the software which you use is or can be collected by Gift France. This information can include, without limitation, your IP address, the type of browser, names of domains and the moments of your access to our web site. This information is used to determine various aspects of the web site Gift France. The information can be also used for the application of the principles of security of the site and the laws inherent to the use of the web site. Gift France can sometimes give you the opportunity to supply personal identification, cultural, behavioral information, on your tastes andor on your way of life, but only you agree to supply or not with such information. This genre of information can be used with the aim of determining your potential interest to receive e-mails or other communications about products or particular services passed on by Gift France. Use of the information by Gift France Nous let us use all the information which we collect in the web site of Gift France with the aim of administering and improving our site and also seeing to it to facilitate a positive experiment for our customers and to offer our products and services in a effective way. We can also take the information which we collect to communicate with you the other products and available services of Gift France or so if necessary, their affiliated companies or to return in communication with you to know your opinion concerning products and current services or new products and services which we could offer. It is possible that we use your address and phone number to send you e-mails or other communications about updates of the site Gift France, such as of new products or new special offers. The nature and the frequency of these messages will vary according to the information which you will have supplied us. You can stop receiving these communications by informing us by e-mail, by mail traditional or by telephone. Disclosure of information in the others We shall not pass on to others persons your personal information, your demographic profile or information on your use of the web site Gift France (such as the sections which you visit or the services which you use), except for the following cases: 1-We can reveal your personal information to companies and individuals working on the execution of certain tasks on our behalf. For example, the accommodation(hosting) of our Internet servers, the treatment of payments by credit card, the service of delivery and the service to the clientele. These companies and individuals will have access to your personal information at the need to carry out (to achieve) their work, but they can pass on this information to no other person or begun (undertaken). 2-We can pass on your personal information if the law requires them, if a governmental entity asks for it or if we consider honest that such an action is essential to conform to the legal requirements or to the legal process. - to protect the rights or the property of Gift France. - to avoid a criminal act or protect the national security. - to protect the personal safety(security) of our customers or the public generally. 3-We can pass on your personal information in a third party which would like to buy the set or a big part of Gift France, which such an acquisition is made by a fusion, a consolidation or a purchase of the set or a leaves substantial of our active persons. Furthermore, in case Gift France becomes the subject of procedures of bankruptcy, in case they are voluntary or involuntary, Gift France or his official receiver can sell, grant a license or use otherwise such information in a transaction approved by the division of bankruptcy of the superior court. Use of files witnesses (cookies) Gift France has files witnesses (cookies) to personalize and optimize your experience (experiment) and the time which you cross on our web site. A file witness (cookies) is a file text which is put on your hard disk by a server of web page. Files witnesses (cookies) are not used to start up software, programs or to pass on viruses in your computer. Files witnesses (cookies) are assigned to your computer only and can be only read by a Web server in the internet domain which emitted the file witness (cookies) for you. One of the main reasons for using files witnesses (cookies) is to allow you to spare time. The reason for being of a witness is to indicate to the Web server that you returned to a precise page. Because we had files witnesses (cookies), we can supply you with results faster and with a bigger precision as well as an experiment more personalized in our site. We also arrange files witnesses (cookies) to measure the clicks and for the balancing of responsibility. Files witnesses (cookies) are not compulsory; you can accept them or refuse them. Most of the browsers accept automatically witnesses, but you can modify your preferences of navigation to refuse all the witnesses if you wish it. Otherwise, you can modify your preferences of navigation to warn every time a witness is offered and to allow you to accept or to refuse witnesses on an individual base. If you choose to refuse witnesses, however, this can hamper the performance and damage your experience in the site Gift France. Security we have adequate technical and organizational means to protect your personal information against an accidental loss and against an access, a use, a modification or a revelation not authorized by these. However, we cannot guarantee that of tierces not authorized persons will never be capable of overcoming these means or that they will not use your personal information in a dishonest way. When you place an on-line order at Gift France, the information of your credit card is protected with the protocol SSL or the certificate SSL. SSL makes difficult the interception or the flight(theft) of your information of credit card while she is passed on. Gift France uses a company of service to treat its transactions of credit card (as Paypal), to have access to the politics) of the private life of this company, please visit the site www. Changes in the politics of the private life If we change our politics of the private life for Gift France, we shall post these changes on this page so that you can always know which information we collect, how we could use this information and to whom we shall pass on it. If you have questions or anxieties about the politics of the private life of Gift France, do not hesitate to contact us any time. You can contact to the following phone number: