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metal poster Eiffel Tower Renault 4CV

metal poster Eiffel Tower Renault 4CV
metal poster Eiffel Tower Renault 4CV
Reference : PMGM-013
30 X 40 cm / 12 X 16 Inches
Tins sign, Metal poster, Plaque en métal

Eiffel Tower: metallic Monument set up by G. Eiffel on Champ-de-Mars, in Paris, for the World Fair of 1889. Nail of the Exhibition, the Eiffel Tower had to know a long-lasting success, in spite of the criticisms which rose in the world of letters and arts when was decided its construction. The Eiffel Tower served, besides the experiences of Eiffel and besides its role of meteorological station, for the first essays of radio (E. Ducretet, on 1898; G. Ferrié, on 1903-1908) and of television (E. Belin, on 1925). Radio-Tour-Eiffel emitted regularly from 1921; and the television since 1957. Registered on the inventory of historic monuments in 1964, the Eiffel Tower belongs to the City of Paris. It is managed, since 1980, by a Development company. The Eiffel Tower welcomes every year more than 6 million visitors. proposes you many choices of gifts, objects of decoration and utilities to be offered or to please. Our articles represent France through its culture and its history : French artists (Rodolphe Salis, Toulouse Lautrec), celebrities (Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince), monuments and famous places (The Eiffel Tower, The Moulin Rouge, Montmartre), former advertisements on the chocolate (Banania, Suchard, chocolate Menier), vintage poster (Orangina, Perrier, biscuits LU, baby Cadum, Blédine), cheeses (La vache qui rit, Gervais), wines and champagne (Bourgogne, wines of the Loire, Valley of the Rhône), alcohols (Cointreau, Absinthe, Rum, Negrita, Pernod, Ricqlès), beers (Gallia, Longwy, Gangloff), cities of France (Chamonix, Biarritz, Trouville, Pau, Toulouse, Corsica, Marseille, Lyon, Nice), french cars and transport (Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, Motobecan, Airmail, RATP) and many other! proposes you gifts cheap but of quality: former poster, metal poster, vintage card, thermometer of decoration, thermometer of inside, enamel thermometer, box with sugar, ornamental box, box in metal, box to be offered, hang on keys, hangs on cloths, cloths originals, cloths on the wine, the advertising cloths, the apron of cooking, wine steward s apron, ornamental tray, tray vintage, tray metal and many of the others.
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