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metal poster The Eiffel Tower Citroen

metal poster The Eiffel Tower Citroen
metal poster The Eiffel Tower Citroen
Reference : PMGM-010
30 X 40 cm / 12 X 16 Inches
Tins sign, Metal poster, Plaque en métal

The mark acquired a strong image on the advertising plan. André Citroen was one of first leaders of company to attach a lot of importance for the communication. According to him, the mark had to be known of all, from the youngest age. So he settles an objective: '' the first words of a child will have to be '' dad, Mom and Citroen '' ''. In this optics, he launches Toys Citroen, which are miniature Citroen which reproduce faithfully the various models of the mark.
But the children are far from being the only ones aimed in the advertising campaign Citroen and besides its expeditions; he manages especially to make install a brilliant display of the name of the company on the Eiffel Tower, from 1925 till 1933.
He sets up companies of buses and taxis Citroen, makes pose road signs on all the roads of France (today very popular of the collectors), who look like strongly the panels of the network Citroen!
Finally, the advertising Citroen is made by the technical innovation which is a part integral of the brand image and allows to make speak, to make sensation for almost every Car show: introduction of the assembly in the chain in Europe, body any steel, floating engine (the reliability of which he demonstrates by making turn the '' Girl Rosalie '', based on a frame totally of series, on a ring of Montlhéry in 1932 the car will have gone through 300 000 km!) and naturally Car with front-wheel drive.
But, if the impact of the advertising(publicity) of Citroën on the French population is indisputable, and thus that the mark(brand), in the 1930s, is known of the general public, you should not forget that the cost of these advertising campaigns remains very important, and is, for many, responsible for the bankruptcy of Citroën at the end of 1934. proposes you many choices of gifts, objects of decoration and utilities to be offered or to please. Our articles represent France through its culture and its history : French artists (Rodolphe Salis, Toulouse Lautrec), celebrities (Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince), monuments and famous places (The Eiffel Tower, The Moulin Rouge, Montmartre), former advertisements on the chocolate (Banania, Suchard, chocolate Menier), vintage poster (Orangina, Perrier, biscuits LU, baby Cadum, Blédine), cheeses (La vache qui rit, Gervais), wines and champagne (Bourgogne, wines of the Loire, Valley of the Rhône), alcohols (Cointreau, Absinthe, Rum, Negrita, Pernod, Ricqlès), beers (Gallia, Longwy, Gangloff), cities of France (Chamonix, Biarritz, Trouville, Pau, Toulouse, Corsica, Marseille, Lyon, Nice), french cars and transport (Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, Motobecan, Airmail, RATP) and many other! proposes you gifts inexpensive but of quality: former poster, metal poster, vintage card, thermometer of decoration, thermometer of inside, enamel thermometer, box with sugar, ornamental box, box in metal, box to be offered, hang on keys, hangs on cloths, cloths originals, cloths on the wine, the advertising cloths, the apron of cooking, wine steward s apron, ornamental tray, tray vintage, tray metal and many of the others.

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